The Chessdom Chess Shop

fully operational

A request by many of the users of is already a fact. The Chessdom Chess Shop opens it’s doors! It consists of a fine mixture of educational and fun chess materials, books, and software, provided by major companies such as Convekta. There is a special section in the Chessdom Shop dedicated to the world chess champion – the Rybka family section.

Currently there are about 100 products in all sections. Our promise is to add products on a weekly basis and increase the number of offers to more than 300 by 2008, so that the Chessdom users can always find the most adequate chess material.

The Chessdom shop will be open 24 hours a day at In order to use it you need to make a simple registration and have a PayPal account. Other payment options are available as well, please, contact us for more details.

chess books


From opening literature through middlegame tactics to endgame combinations. The texts can be found in the book section. It features famous authors such as Maxim Blokh, Alexei Shirov, Anatoliy Karpov, Alexander Kalinin, Igor Berdichevsky, etc. You can find the best games of the world champion Vishy Anand commented as well.

The books come in several languages, which include English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French etc. (differing from book to book)

ct art


In this section you will find quality educational chess software that provides an easy shortcut to increase your chess level. Feel free to browse through the catalogue and find the engines, databases, or tactics practice that you need.


Rybka family

The world computer chess champion is the king of the Chessdom Shop. It looks nice and sweet, but beware, it bites! With a strength of 3000+ ELO, Rybka is a great chess partner, analysis tool, opening teacher, and much more. The Rybka family includes the new multi processor version and the 2007 openings database, both download and cd/dvd version.