WGM Sedina and GM Efimov battling against Equinox

Human vs. Machine matches at the Festival della Scienza Futuro

Italian Festival della Scienza Futuro, which took place in Genoa (Genova), featured chess matches between titled chess players and chess program Equinox. The games were played on November 1st at the central “Biblioteca Berio”, Via del Seminario 16.

WGM Elena Sedina played her favourite Moscow variation as White against Equinox and earned a draw after 27 moves. GM Igor Efimov tried the Trompovsky attack, but the chess engine defeated him after 33 moves.

Equinox also competed at the Computer World Championship in Pamplona some months ago. The next Human vs. Machine is planned to take place on 6-8th November in Carugate. News by Adolivio Capece.

genova 011

Giancarlo Delli Colli (software Equinox), Giuseppe Sgrò (organizer), Paolo Ciancarini (University of Bologna), Stefano Gemma (software Freccia)

genova 018

S.Gemma, Roberto Cartella (team Equinox) Efimov, Sedina, Ciancarini, Sgrò, Delli Colli

genova 014

Giancarlo Delli Colli (software Equinox), WGM Elena Sedina, GM Igor Efimov