Italian software stronger than humans

Giocando con i Re festival in Carugate, near Milano, Italy

Chess Grandmasters couldn’t do much against computers in two exhibitions organized this month in Italy. In four games, machines scored three wins and only one match ended in a draw, thanks to the efforts of WGM Elena Sedina who held “Equinox”. That game was played in Genova during the “Festival della Scienza”, the most important scientific manifestation in Italy. On the same occasion, Equinox, software written by Giancarlo Delli Colli from Roma, won against GM Igor Efimov of Monaco.

Time control was one hour per player and computer and about 100 people followed the games in vivo, in addition to the good coverage by the newspaper and RadioRai.

Genova is a possible candidate to organize the 2010 computer chess world championship.

The “computer week” ended on November 6-8th in Carugate, a nice village near Milano very well known by its giant markets.

The second match Human versus Machine was part of a three days long festival, named “Giocando con i Re” (eng. “Playing with the Kings”). The festival’s second edition was organized thanks to the town-councilors (assessors) Paolo Molteni and Michele Bocale and the lord mayor Umberto Gravina.

Italy comp 1

HG Muller from Holland, the lord mayor of Carugate Umberto Gravina, playing the fist move, and Sonia – one of the “movers”

Italy comp 2

Mr Barrera, president of the chess region of Lombardia, Rose-Mary, Mr Giuseppe Sgrò – the main organizer, assessor Mr Bocale, Sonia, lord mayor Umberto Gravina, Mr Selleri of “Le Due Torri”

Beside the computer challenge, the festival included numerous chess events – one reserved for computers, one open to the children, a simul by GM Lexy Ortega against 40 opponents and a conference on chess and computers. Mr Gianpietro Pagnoncelli, President of the Italian Chess Federation, attended the festival.

The match Human versus Machine featured WGM Olga Zimina from Modena and GM Stefan Djuric from Montecatini (both are now Italian citizens) playing against “Leila”, written by Carmelo Calzerano, and “Chiron”, written by Ubaldo Andrea Farina. Both computers defeated their respective human opponents.

The computer tournament had 16 programs competing. Final standing after 6 rounds:

1-2. Dana Sah (Spain) and Amyan (Chile), with 5 out of 6 (both undefeated)

3. Deuterium (Philippines) – 4

4-8. Chiron (Ubaldo Andrea Farina), Leila (Carmelo Calzerano), CyberPagno (Marco Pagnoncelli), Twisted Logic (Philippines), Dirty (Spain-USA) – 3.5 etc

Results and games

The first three rounds were played inside the giant-market “Carosello”, and during the 7 hours of play at least 10.000 people took a look to the “players”. We have to mention that not all of the programmers were present. Foreign machines had beautiful girls, Sonia, Valentina, Antonella, Eleonora, Silvia and Rose-Mary, employed as movers and this really caught the attention of the audience… Many people thought that the girls were actually playing and refused to believe that there were programs involved!

Italy comp 4

Olga Zimina against Leila and its programmer Mr Calzerano

Italy comp 3

The “movers” Antonella and Eleonora

Italy comp 5

Stefan Djuric against Chiron

News by Mr Adolivio Capece